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Jailed for trying to steal scaffolding

Stories of theft are not the normally covered by HSR, but a recent case of the theft of scaffolding from a building site is an exception. Two men, who tried to steal €5,000 worth of scaffolding from a building site, were last month each sentenced to 20 months in prison. The men tried to steal […]

Penalisation claim on operating two machines simultaneously fails

The Labour Court has held that there were no legitimate grounds on which a worker, who claimed he had been penalised on health and safety grounds, could have considered the operation of two machines at the same time as being unsafe. The worker was employed by a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders. He was employed on […]

Court Corner – Not trained to remove door stoppers

A hotel worker who had part of her little finger amputated, after the door of a room she was cleaning suddenly slammed shut, has been awarded €50,000 damages by the High Court. Delivering judgment, Mr Justice Iarfhlaith O’Neill said he was satisfied that the worker was not responsible for her injuries and that her employer […]

Employer who provided rigorous training reasonable

The Employment Appeals Tribunal has held that it was reasonable for an employer to dismiss an employee, who was shown in photos to be reaching down into a mincing machine, contrary to the company’s health and safety rules. The Tribunal heard that the dismissed employee was a member of a four-person team on a mincer […]

No evidence of association between work stress and cancer

A study published in the British Medical Journal has concluded that there is no evidence for an association between work stress and overall cancer risk. The study is based on an analysis of data from 12 European cohort studies covering 116,056 men and women between the ages of 17 and 70. The subjects were free […]

€1m fine for transport company proportionately the highest ever

A €1m fine imposed on Nolan Transport, which pleaded guilty of failing in its general duty towards people not in its employment, is the biggest health and safety fine ever imposed by an Irish court, relative to the size of the company. The case arose following an accident when a lorry and trailer shed a […]

B Safe at Work now accepts credit card payment

B Safe at Work are giving our customers more options to pay and now accepts credit card payments through Paypal.  

Average payout for accidents at work is €21,993

INJURIES BOARD ANNUAL REVIEW 2011 TOTAL BOARD AWARDS* EXCEED €1BILLION – SAVINGS* TOP €0.5BILLION Operating Highlights 2011 €210 Awarded. 9,833 Awards. Average award €21,993 Fully self funding with no reliance on the Exchequer €7m original establishment costs repaid in 2011 Productivity increases by 17% Claimant and Respondent Fees reduced by 19% and 10% respectively […]

Paediatric First Aid Courses

    This two evening course is specifically designed for parents, grandparents, babysitters and all those who require a basis for providing basic paediatric First Aid in an emergency situation.  It’s course content is tailored for each group and could include choking, CPR, burns, asthma, cuts and is designed to assist participants in the treatment […]