Consultancy Services

In B Safe at Work, all consultancy documentation is site specific to each individual client. It is written with the imput of the client, to make it user friendly and site related.

The following are a range of consultancy services we offer.

  • Writing safety statements
  • Completing hazard identification & risk assessments
  • Providing customer consultancy retainer services
  • Completing accident investigation and assessments
  • Manual handling risk assessments
  • Workplace ergonomic risk assessments
  • VDU/DSE workstation risk assessments
  • Pregnant Employees risk assessments
  • Chemical Agents risk assessment
  • Forklift Driver assessment
  • Designing a safety management programme
  • Designing and producing a safe operating procedures manual (SOP’s)
  • Designing a contractor control procedures manual
  • Creating site specific toolbox talks
  • Spot checks
  • Designing and assessing emergency evacuation procedures
  • Permit-to-work system
  • Lock out & tag out system
  • Chemical safety assessment – storage and use
Out of hours training and Saturday are at no extra cost

All our consultancy services are carried out from Cork to Dublin, Limerick to Galway,Kilkenny to Wexford, Tipperary to Sligo and everywhere in between.

Contact [email protected] for further details