Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment Training

This half day or one day workshop is especially designed for people within companies who will be involved in managing safety documentation. This course will give them the skills and knowledge to carry out effective risk assessments.

Course Programme:

  • Legislation covering risk assessment
  • Defining hazard types
  • Defining breakdown of hazards i.e. physical, chemical, biological, health, psychosocial
  • Risk assessment techniques i.e. steel, hazard rating system
  • Hazard & Risk Definition
  • Types of Hazard
  • Control Measures
  • Hierarchy of Prevention
  • Risk Assessment Theory
  • Control systems to reduce hazards
  • Effective safety inspections
  • Hazard spotting exercise carried out within company if applicable

This training is provided on a one to one basis, public training or private in house training.

Out of hours training and Saturday are at no extra cost

All our training is carried out from Cork to Dublin, Limerick to Galway, Kilkenny to Wexford, Tipperary to Sligo and everywhere in between.

Contact info@bsafeatwork.ie for further details