HSA publishes Covid-19 response plan template and checklists

The HSA has published a Covid-19 Response Plan Template and seven checklists to guide employers and workers on what they need to do to comply with the Government’s Return to Work Safely Protocol.

The Response Plan template commences with a model policy statement and then sets out three further steps employers should take:
Designating responsible persons for performing tasks
Employer information
There are seven checklists:

Employer checklist planning and preparing
Employer checklist control measures
Employer checklist induction and familiarisation
Employer checklist dealing with a suspected case
Employer checklist cleaning and disinfection
Employee worker checklist
Worker representative checklist.
To download the template and checklists click on https://www.hsa.ie/eng/topics/covid-19/return_to_work_safely_templates_and_checklists/return_to_work_safely_templates_and_checklists.html and follow the links.

Later today, the Authority’s chief executive Dr Sharon McGuinness, will appear before the new Oireachtas Covid-19 Committee. She will attend the 4.30 session of the Committee. ICTU general secretary, Patricia King and the CIF director general Tom Parlon will also appear before the Committee at the same session.

Source: Health and Safety Review