Over 300 major trauma injuries work-related

A report by the National Office for Clinical Audit found that over 300 major trauma injuries in 2018 were connected to workplaces.

Of the 5,429 major trauma accidents recorded in Ireland in 2018, 4% occurred on farms and 2% in industrial settings. The figures are published in the Major Trauma Audit National Report 2018. Major trauma is defined as serious and often multiple injuries where there is a strong possibility of death or disability.

The report is concerned with all major trauma accidents and is based on reports from 26 hospitals. The report is published under the auspices of NOCA (the National Office for Clinical Audit) and captures 88% of all cases. While the report is concerned with the overall incidence of major trauma accidents, it provides a breakdown of where patients were injured.

The report shows 50% of major trauma accidents occurred in the home, 37% on public roads, 4% in institutions, 4% (216) on farms, 2% (108) in industrial settings, bringing the total of work-related major trauma accidents suffered to 324. Four percent occurred in other places.

The report shows that 51% of those who suffered major trauma injury were aged between 15 and 65, with 46% percent aged 65 and over, and just 3% aged under 15. The report found that 58% of patients suffered a ‘low fall’, which is defined as less than two metres, 10% suffered a fall of greater than two metres and 16% of patients were injured in road collisions.

Speaking to HSR, Dr Conor Deasy, the clinical lead for the major trauma audit, said the injuries suffered were life-changing. He said that while 4% of those injured were on farms and 2% in industrial settings, 51% were in the working age bracket of the population.

Source: Health and Safety Review