Recent High Court EL settlements

Hand sucked into combine harvester

An action by a farm worker, whose hand was sucked into a combine harvester and crushed, was settled on the fourth day of hearing in the High Court recently.

Giving evidence, the worker said he had been requested by his employer to unclog the harvester. He told the court his hand was sucked into the combine harvester as he was trying to free grain clogging up the machine. He was screaming with pain and his employer tried to reverse the mechanism with a wrench but was unsuccessful. It was nearly an hour before his hand was freed, after a fireman cut through the auger.

In his claim, the worker alleged he was requested to clear the blockage in the harvester and that the auger in the machine was activated. He also alleged there had been a failure to train and supervise him.

On the fourth day of hearing, counsel for the worker told the court the issues had been resolved and the case could be struck out. Mr Justice Kevin Cross, who was hearing the case, said he was glad the issues had been resolved. He said the worker had suffered very serious injuries and had made remarkable efforts to get back into the workplace. He had taken over a tillage farm. (Hurley v Troy and another: High Court, July 2019